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Casa Sophia

Magazine Interiors | 05 Jul 2018



A home is a shelter. It is protection. It is our happy place and, for this very reason, we try to make it a mirror of ourselves, a place where, above all, we fit perfectly. A house is ideally and ultimately an extension of the people who inhabit it.
Casa Sophia, in Foz Velha, Porto, is a project of the architecture studio Vírgula i and is an example of how a space can be a reflection of who lives there. At the request of a client of foreign nationality, who aimed to move to Porto, the studio rehabilitated a 19thcentury building’s last floor and attic.
The space was “considerably damaged” and had used inappropriate interventions, reminded the architect Pedro Simões, besides it was necessary to make an almost complete replacement of the rooftop, as well as a “programmatic relocation” of the house’s different area. The kitchen and living room areas were built in open space and from there the view of the river was privileged. The more reserved areas, such as the bedroom of the couple’s daughter, were located in the back of the apartment and the master bedroom in the attic.

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Text: Inês Mendes
Photos: João Morgado

Vírgula i

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