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Cork House

Magazine Architecture Interiors | 26 Nov 2018



A course is in constant evolution. From the beginning to the end of the passage, nothing remains exactly the same and so was the case of Cork House. It all started with a pre-existing building and, in the end, we find three volumes, all different, but connected to each other and to what surrounds them.
In Modivas, Vila do Conde, the striated cork covered an old granite house with a double-gabled roof. From here, the construction area increased: you go in through the structure on the side, in drab mirror, making the connection between the first volume and the one of lacquered aluminum sheet. But we do not stop here in the overall features of Cork House, designed by the architects Andreia Oliveira i Pedro Parreira, from the aip arquitetos studio.
After the initial moment, in which cork and the imposing 5.60m high window are highlighted, the lighting details that spread all over the house stand out – from the living room to the kitchen, from the sleeping rooms to the outside – providing a friendly atmosphere.

Featured in ROOF 17



Text: Inês Mendes
Photography: João Soares

aip arquitetos

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