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Magazine Design | 07 Jul 2017



We live in a time when mass production is the preferred source of consumption, in all kinds of areas: clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture... However, on the other hand, it is also a time in which we value the unique, exclusive, handmade. Garvan de Bruir, the man behind the studio DE BRUIR – Design & Craftsmanship, belongs in the latter.  He betted on quality, leather and his exclusive design to create truly unique pieces.
The workshop is in Kildare, Ireland. It is a city with a long history of leather working, which later went on to furnish the equestrian and the military industries. But back to DE BRUIR workshop, a building with particular features, a curved roof, that soon draws our attention. It seems straight out of a fairy tale and in fact it is there that magic takes place, where leather takes form, where it is cut and forged. Where it develops from raw material, raw leather, to pieces that become art. Garvan de Bruir gives life to a traditional, ancient craft, but with a contemporary and practical design. It originates robust products that are, at the same time, elegant and sophisticated, with a touch of classic. All this without any contradiction.(...)

Featured in ROOF 9






Text: Inês Mendes
Photos: Ruth Maria, Peter Rowen


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