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Deep White

Magazine Style | 17 Nov 2017

No. It is not a tale. It is real.
We submerge ourselves in a white mantle that incites and intrigues us, like an unknown territory. We lay the senses in the same mantle and let the light reveal its forms.


Necklace, bracelet and ring, Bruno da Rocha

Brooch, Bruno da Rocha

Bracelet, MONSEO

Ring and necklace, MONSEO

Fly pendant, spider brooch, MONSEO


Ring and earrings, MARIADOVALE

Cufflinks and brooch, Ana Bragança


Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photography: Susana Lemos
Post-production: Philippe Simões
Set Design: ROOF - An IN & OUT Magazine
Special thanks: CRERE | Museum of Stucco, MONSEO, Bruno da Rocha, MARIADOVALE, Ana Bragança

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Magazine Style


Magazine Style
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