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Designmark group

Magazine | 11 Jan 2018

Global thinking

We dived in the DNA of Designmark group through the words of its CEO and creative director, Marc Kunz, who at the company’s most recent office in Lisbon, revealed the strategy of a multicultural organization that proves itself increasingly with distinction. Based in Portugal, in the quiet of Serpa, the Designmark group is known for moving through areas such as architecture, landscape, design, interior design, stands and museums, interactive media and branding. As a global company, the organization has strategic offices in Switzerland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Maldives and, most recently, at the end of 2017 in Dubai, allowing an essential proximity to the identity of their projects.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Group faces new challenges, its market position has been achieved based on a thorough knowledge of the market, solid partnerships and a contagious enthusiasm that originates in Marc himself – “ for us, it is important to build a connection with customers, with a product. If it`s only because of the money, for the service, we do not take part. We bring people together, we create relationships. Captivating a client’s trust is an investment”.  Having created, in 2017, for RCC – Russian Copper Company –, the stand that was considered the most technologically advanced one in the world, the Designmark group is getting ready to confirm its global development and assertion in strategic areas, in 2018, such as interactive media or architecture, having the residential hotel resort in Oman as one of their great examples.

Portrait photography: Susana Lemos

Photography: Designmark group

Designmark Group

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