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Drawing Room

Art + Culture | 04 Oct 2018



Lisbon. Fine Arts National Society. From the 10th to the 14th of October. 50 artists, 19 galleries from Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Brazil and Colombia. This is the set for Drawing Room Lisbon’s first edition, where it will be possible to admire artworks of renowned artists such as Pedro A. H. Paizão, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Frederico Lamas, Jean Dubuffet, Felipe Bedoya or Emmanuel Lafont.
Mónica Álvarez Careaga, the fair’s director, and María do Mar Fazenda, artistic director, with the Consulting Committee, selected the galleries which will be at Drawing Room Lisbon, whose program also includes the Millenium Talks, where one will talk about collecting contemporary drawings, and an editorial space dedicated to drawing.
According to Mónica Careaga, the “Drawing Room Lisbon’s aim is to promote drawing and the artists and work as pioneering platform to value and commercialize drawings” and, on spot, “all Portuguese contemporary art collectors, who are very active, and the critics , curators, artists and experts”. Also expected are the lovers and fans of the authenticity and subjectivity that art gives us.


Pedro Cabrita Reis. “Notas para o outono” (col. I-V) #2-8, 2018. Graphite in inkjet printing, 76 x 56 cm

Courtesy: Galeria Miguel Nabinho, Lisbon

Pedro A. H. Paixão. The Migrant Dream, 2015. Coloured pencils on paper, 29x42 cm

Courtesy: Galeria 111, Lisbon

Irene Gonzáles. Sem título, 2018. Drawing on paper , 76 x 112 cm

Courtesy: Galería Silvestre, Madrid

Gonzalo Elvira. Los sueños de realizaciones futuras, 2017. Ink on map, 36 x 24 cm

Courtesy: Galería Siboney, Santander


Ángeles Agrela. Nº 37. Medusa sobre Mar, 2017. Acrylic and pencil on paper, 50 x 35 cm

Courtesy: Galería Yusto/Giner, Marbella

Federico Lamas. Vision Infernal, 2016. Coloured pencils on paper, 60 x 86 cm

Cortesia: RV Cultura e Arte, Salvador

Adriana Molder. Dora on the Shadows from the series O Fim [The End], 2018. Ink from China on sketch paper, 100 x 75 cm

Courtesy: Donopoulos International Fine Arts, Salonica


Drawing Room


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