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Eduardo Souto de Moura

Magazine Architecture Interviews | 20 Sep 2017



In a life of clearness and continuousness, Eduardo Souto de Moura gave the world an honorable architecture, through an apparent simplicity. The second Portuguese architect to win the Pritzker award, in 2011, uses all the alphabet´s words to express his career designed in the extent and in the way he wanted. Now, at the age of 65, he continuous to sign projects striking by their form and function, such as the Hydroelectric Power Plant in Barragem do Tua, to coordinate different work teams, and included in the working agenda is the recovery of his first houses, with the same clients, or those who gave them a new life.


At the moment, everyone seems to want to worship architecture. Do you believe that it (its role) is truly perceived by society or will it always have a specific language?

It is not architecture that is adored, the architects are the ones who like to do some things and want people to like the things they do, there is no false modesty here. And why? Because people make objects, houses, whatever it takes, to respond to a function and then have to go further than that specific function. They have to introduce more features to give more qualities and, if possible, create emotions, but this happens later. Anyone who has to do a maternity will not say "I`m going to delight babies". If I have to do a maternity, and say "I place the light here or I create this effect, I paint this colour or use this material that nobody has ever used", it can generate the additional value and create such emotions. From my point of view, it`s where there is no longer a construction and becomes architecture. That is not art from my point of view. Architecture is not art.


The collective´s approval is essential? Does this issue worry you?

It is not enough the mere direct and linear relation form/function, because people always ask for more. The aesthetic part, the symbolism, the meanings, the individual´s communication towards the collective. Which amounts to the same thing.

Featured in ROOF 10


Casa das Histórias Paula Rego © NEssa Gnatoush /

Burgo Tower

Eduardo Souto de Moura © Isadora Faustino

Estádio Municipal de Braga © SC Braga

Convento das Bernardas


Text: Cátia Fernandes

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