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Estudio PUM

Magazine Design | 06 Sep 2017



Felipe Magario, Brazilian, and Javier Cifre, Argentine. Two designers. Two heads blasting with creativity inspired by the universe of animes and comics, decided to join their common passions and interests and immerse themselves in the world of graphic design. And ... PUM! Magic happened. Studio PUM appeared in 2013 and the story that bonds these two designers is easy to tell. They met in the studio where they both worked, in São Paulo, and at a certain point they began to be unhappy with their work in the agency and eager to start their own project. "When you work in studio environment, you get to the point where you begin to disagree with some things. Everyone starts talking about leaving and setting up a studio of their own. However everybody talks about it but nobody does. And we decided to do it. We joined our two portfolios, talked to some friends, and started doing some work to see if we worked well together, as a duo," Javier tells us.

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Text: Isadora Faustino

Photos: Estudio PUM

Estudio PUM

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