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Fala Atelier

Magazine Interiors | 12 Sep 2017



When we pass Faria Guimarães, in Porto, our eyes are lost on a curious façade. It stands out for its creativity and imagination. It acts as a "theatrical device".
The style is ancient, with granite bordering windows and doors. But the tile pattern, with triangles, circles, semicircles and rectangles, as well as the doors in deep blue and red, implies that a special space is there.
The renovation process was carried out by Fala, an architecture studio in Porto. In the past it was a building in ruins, now, a house with five apartments was born. Like the phoenix rising up from the ashes, this space, which had originally been built for a family, gained a new life offering the street a more modern and fresh appearance. Naturally, not losing some of the delightful previous structure, since the four windows and two doors on the façade offer it a friendly and welcoming look.

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Text: Inês Mendes
Photos: Ricardo Loureiro

Fala Atelier

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