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Fibrenamics Green

Tech | 02 Oct 2017



Fibrenamics Green’s main goal is to value waste through sustainable innovation. Developed by Plataforma Internacional Fibrenamics of Universidade do Minho, with Centro para a Valorização de Resíduos as partner, this platform wants to give a second life to fibre, wood, leather, electrical cable coating, paper and minerals waste, amongst others. Raul Fangueiro, Fibrenamics’ coordinator, says that the model that they want to develop is one of “circular economy”. Like this, “the waste is used again as the raw material of a certain process, being the origin of a new product”, states Raul Fangueiro. On Fibrenamics Green there are the technologies, then the search is for ways of applying those technologies to the waste, i.e., ways of valuing it. Solutions such as the FACET STOOL, designed by Sónia Soeiro, in the context of Criatividade Fibre & Wood challenge. Sónia Soeiro and Pedro Regadas were the challenge’s winners – Pedro Regadas won on the Fibre category with the “Dress your pans” project, where fibre waste gets to be a protection for pans.
When the talk is about the solutions we get to understand the added value of the signed partnership with the Associação Portuguesa de Designers, on the late September 27th – the day when the Sustentabilidade em Rede talk took place, at Ateneu Comercial do Porto. Raul Fangueiro states that the idea for “designers is that they present ideas of sustainable products with selling potential, using certain types of waste that can be processed by those technologies [developed by Fibrenamics]”. Therefore the “fundamental role of designers”, according to Raul Fangueiro.
At Fibrenamics Green rules sustainability and the ‘war’ against the waste of waste that can be the starting point of the most surprising objects.



Photos: Cortesia de Fibrenamics Green

Fibrenamics Green

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