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Magazine Design | 24 Jul 2018


Christiana Giopato and Christopher Coombes are partners in both design and life. She is italian and he is english and they have chosen Treviso, Italy, to host their studio. It is there that they meet and rediscover the mastery of the Venetian handicraft tradition, at the same time walking, side-by-side, with the most advanced illumination techniques. Drawing for them means achieving the synthesis between the emotion that resides in a concept and the pragmatism of innovation. By observing the lighting objects that they create, we realize that they dedicate themselves unconditionally to the study of light, to the forms that exalt their beauty and the technology that allows their existence.
“‘The light turns on and with eyes wide open it feels like magic, like being children again.’ This was a turning point for us in our career as designers. An Indian lady with a beautiful Sari came to our exhibition in London and described this moment as she saw our lamps for the first time. Full of joy, almost tears. This is why we love designing for people”, the designers confess, and at the same time we understand that their work carries a kind of "sophisticated grace".




Texto: Inês Mendes
Fotografia: Giopato&Coombes


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