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Gran Cruz House

Magazine Style | 23 Dec 2018



We lose ourselves in the sight that extends ahead always aware of the space that surrounds us. The Douro river at sunset and dusk, the rabelos (typical Douro boats) and the continuous movement of one of Porto’s most characteristic areas could easily distance us from where we stand. Instead, we enjoy and, with both feet firmly on the ground, we feel on our skin the wonderful late-afternoon light that extends the shadows, the comfort and peace that each division of the new Grand Cruz guesthouse conveys. We are in Ribeira, where an old building was renovated for a new life and, in it, we are welcomed as if we belonged to the family.
For Gran Cruz, with a history that runs in river Douro’s valleys for the past 131 years, to be part of a tradition as deep-rooted as Port wine is not synonymous to remain static in time.
From Espaço Porto Cruz, in Cais de Gaia, they looked at Ribeira, “full of people, enthusiastic”, with “a desire to set foot on the other side of the river”, recalls Jorge Dias, the brand’s general manager. Although, initially, it was not known exactly what would be done with the space, the goal was clearly drawn: “find a different way to provide new experiences to our clients, agents, friends and the over-all public”. Thus, the house was born: they wanted that the Gran Cruz’s guests – arriving “from the four corners of the world” –, to be touched “indelibly” and, hence, the guesthouse was designed, a perfect combination between the riverside spirit and the Port wine tradition.

Featured in ROOF 17



Text: Inês Mendes
Photography: Isadora Faustino

Gran Cruz House

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