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House for a Drumer

Architecture | 13 Sep 2017



On north of Gothernburg, Sweden, Späckhuggaren - House for a Drumer is a project, by Bornstein Lyckefors architecture studio, that is part of a context in which the legacy of an old farm and warehouse is noticed. The house is actually inspired in a warehouse, with two doors, that resemble those of a barnyard, which are covering the windows in the west. The entire house’s façade was painted with a traditional Sweden Falu-Red colour.
Made to a father of two interested in music, sailing as well as nature, the architects took into account that the client wanted an open section house which was spatially rich, but, at the same time, would fit in its surroundings.
The house was built around a concept of openness and intertwinement amongst the two floors’ spaces. In the ground floor, we find, besides the kitchen – where are the stairs to the upper floor –, living room and bathroom, a niche that can be used as a daybed or a reading retreat. This is a space which we can also define by its materials: essentially plywood and dark grey wooden fibreboard.



Photos: Mikael Olsson

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