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Hutchison Flat

Architecture | 02 Jan 2019


Outremont, in Canada, is currently one of the 27 arrondissements (districts) of Montreal known for its impressive houses. It is here that we find the ancient Hutchison, recently renovated by SUWA atelier.
The construction of the apartment dates back to 1908. Although it partially underwent some modifications over the years, the need to transform the space completely arose so as to accommodate new owners. This is why the old Hutchison is now living a younger and brighter environment.
From the tile pattern of the entrance, to the large kitchen with a long marble counter, everything came to life. The separation between the living area and the office is made by a collapsible steel door that creates fluidity and maximizes the little sunlight along the corridor. The interior design paid special attention to textures, composition and finishes to achieve a coherent decoration that did not forget the building’s age, but which could offer a renewed freshness. In order to do this, durable and classic materials were used, as well as a mix between contemporary design and Victorian details (19th century). The final result? A timeless, generously welcoming space.




Photos: Élène Levasseur






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