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Magazine Interiors | 29 Jan 2018


Institut National des Etudes Territoriales (INET). It is about this complex that we will talk in the following lines, we are writing about it to get you to known a space that was designed taking into account not only the surroundings but also the purposes it serves. Created by Grégoire Zündel and Irina Cristea, from the architecture studio AZC, and Michel Spitz from the MSA office, INET is located in Strasbourg, France, and it is an educational centre for French civil service officers.
All features were taken into account, the urban, the functional, and also the symbolic constraints. The triangular landscape, defined, to a large extent, the space organization which the project distinguishes into two volumes. The first one assumes the landscape’s shape and is where we can find the school – the large classrooms built around the inner courtyard, which becomes an "informal meeting point". The patio is also an area that helps to quickly define the organization of space.

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Text: Inês Mendes
Photos: Sergio Grazia




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Magazine Interiors


Magazine Interiors


Magazine Interiors
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