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Ingo Maurer

Magazine Design | 05 Jul 2018



Ingo Maurer is 86 years old and since 1969 has been writing luminous words on the pages of lighting design worldwide. The visit to Munich’s showroom, the only one in Europe, was therefore a long-anticipated treat for us. To talk to the German designer too. We would see closely the path Ingo does every day, the space that each of the objects occupies in a building that seems more like an art gallery. However, that day, it was Claude Maurer, who along with her father and Marc-Oliver Schneider runs the company, and designer Axel Schmid to welcome us. Ingo was involved in a great project. One of those that stimulates and inspires him. Him and the entire team. It is, moreover, the people and the places that form the perfect ignition for this narrative made of creativity and an enormous willingness to shape ideas that often question those places and society in which we live. On Kaiserstrasse n. 47, in Munich, in a building where art outflows, we saw the silhouette of some of the most iconic objects in the history of lighting design. A story that began with an object as “simple” as a light bulb. Ingo had returned from New York in 1963 and three years later launched Bulb, his first lamp, which has won several design awards and figures in the collection of different museums around the world. 

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Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Isadora Faustino

Ingo Maurer

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