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Japanese Design Today / 100

Art + Culture | 11 Dec 2018



Japanese visual arts are among the few Asian arts to have a historical recognition across borders, which is mainly due to the ancient tradition that characterizes Japanese design. Everything is thought and designed with the greatest aesthetic accuracy, in an unusual care that has crossed centuries and that can now be contemplated in Portugal through the itinerant exhibition Japanese Design Today / 100. This is an up-to-date version of the original one, first presented in 2004 and which, over the last ten years, has travelled the world.
The current project brings a hundred representative pieces of Japanese design, from the 1950s to the 21st century. Visitors are invited to see icons such as the Nikon FM10, the Sony Walkman, the Kikkoman soya flask, the classic teapot, household utensils as well as furnishings and decor full of history and Japanese culture.
Japanese Design Today / 100 is an exhibition co-organized by the Embassy of Japan in Portugal and the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Porto (FBAUP) and can be visited at the Exhibition Hall of the FBAUP until December 15th.



©João Lima

©João Lima

©Hiroshi Iwasaki

©Honda Motar Co., Ltd.


Photos courtesy of FBAUP

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