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Interiors | 28 Apr 2017



Located in the busy Wellington Street, Hong Kong, Kasa restaurant is the latest interior project of the New York-born multidisciplinary design studio Lim + Lu. The client`s brief was simple - wanted a decoration that conveys the idea of a "healthy, takeaway, with fusion cuisine" restaurant. The design developed by Lim + Lu had as a starting point "realize what it means to be deeply rooted in Hong Kong culture". The famous Cha Chaan Tengs, the traditional wet markets and neon lights that fill the streets immediately came to the designer’s minds. Green and pink predominate. Over the kitchen, a LED sign that reads “healthy food” in Chinese. Tile walls - typical of Cha Chaan Tengs. A concrete floor that contrasts with the modern furniture and the refined marble. Inspired by the wet markets, lamps come from the ceiling and, on display, fresh vegetables picked daily. Bringing together the best of two cultures - East and West - Lim + Lu designed, for Kasa, a typical, modern and refined décor.



Photos: Dennis Lo, Nirut Benjabanpot

Lim + Lu


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