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Kingston SD Cards

Tech | 22 Aug 2017



Flash memory cards are, nowadays, essential tools in a magazine’s office. Shoot video and photographs, record audios. All these tasks imply the use of a SD card. We wanted a memory card that ensured high quality concerning storage, performance and resistance, so we tested two cards by Kingston, a SD and a microSD.
First, the SDHC/SDXC UHS-I U3 card.
It is a 32GB card, with a performance up to 90MB/s reading and 80MB/s writing, and a FAT32 archive system.
It resists:

  • Water (maximum of 30min and 1 meter deep)
  • Temperature (between – 25.º and 85.ºC)
  • Shock and vibration
  • Airport x-ray

Even though the card’s resistance in these areas, most of the available cards are resistant to at least industrial temperatures and airport x-rays. Although, it still is beneficial to know it is secure. This one has gotten through airport security a few times and always returned with the files intact, let it be video or photos.
On what concerns storage quality, the videos were made in full HD (1080p), and we did not spot any problem both with the recorded images and its viewing. The video plays smoothly, flawless. Besides the format we used, Kingston also ensures ultra HD (2060p), 3D and 4K2K recording, with high performance cameras.

Second, Gold microSD UHS-I Speed Class 3 (U3).
Due to the office’s priorities, the microSD was used, essentially, with a voice recorder. This storage device, with a capacity of 16GB and also a FAT32 archive system, was built with the same kind of resistance as the first one and ensures a minimum performance of 30MB/s.
Even though sound recording was the main function we gave to this card, it was designed to be used in a GoPro, drone or even an ultra HD camera. So the brand ensures recording up to 30fps, with 4K, and 120fps, with 1080p. It was designed to go on adventures, to fly, to hike… no matter what the weather looks like. We await the opportunity of testing it in this kind of environment, already knowing that its performance, while recording sound, is of great quality.


Product Photos: Courtesy of Kingston



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