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Kurz Architects

Magazine Interiors | 13 Nov 2018



Time is, in itself, an adventure. Runs out easily or it may not thrive soon enough. Three months was the time that the Czech Promotion communication agency established to change from its previous facilities to the new ones, therefore that was also the time that the architecture office Kurz Architects had to complete the project in Karlín Palace, Prague. But working against the clock may be inspiring. In this particular case, it defined the new offices’ design as well as the cooperation between architects, client and contractors. Ultimately, a 900 m2space was formed, with a cooperative design that took figure and shape with the materials that were able to be made and delivered within the set deadline. A space that distinguishes itself by being old, but functional, new and ‘smart’ was designed. After removing all residuals from former alterations, the decision was to leave the entire structure, of a rough beauty, completely in sight – this turned out to be equally beneficial for the project’s completion since, in this way, it was not necessary to think about how the electrical installations, for example, would be disguised. The inside was designed in open space, with separating partitions that are not exactly that: they are paper tubes – of different diameters, open and essential for defining the new offices’ identity – whose functionality also ensures storage space.

Featured in ROOF 17



Text: Inês Mendes
Photography: Jakub Skokan; Martin Tůma | BoysPlayNice

Kurz Architects 

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