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La Fabrique du ski

Design | 17 Dec 2018



Just as other winter sports, ski’s popularity has increased in some regions of the world. Alongside Switzerland, Sweden and Norway, France is one of the countries where there was a boost in the practice of ski, which means that there are many entities and companies totally dedicated to this modality. Within this range, due to difference and innovation, a name draws attention: La Fabrique du ski, a brand that designs, develops and produces skis in its factory located in the heart of the rocky massif Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse, known for its tracks of snow.
La Fabrique du ski was born in 2014 due to Christian Alary`s willingness to launch his own brand in Europe, after some time working in America. In the French Alps, he found a very challenging environment, with local production, and some difficulties in accessing the market. However, after a partnership with the designers of ARRO studio, the adventure took the right direction and, since then, La Fabrique has won awards. Thanks to a unique, innovative process in the ski industry – a new alternative combining craftsmanship and industrial principles–, completely apart from mass production, the factory chose a disruptive process, uses high-quality materials and produces handmade skis, fully customizable. As it has a small distribution network, from the production studio to the customer, La Fabrique du ski offers exceptional and unique products, entirely designed and made in France.



Photos: Thomas Lang

La Fabrique du ski

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