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Lexus LF-1 Limitless

Tech | 17 Jan 2018



LF-1 Limitless is the new Lexus’ luxury crossover prototype and a “style exercise”. In it, the brand combines technology, innovation, a design evolution and “high dynamic performances”, shaping a top of range crossover, the new luxury segment.
The applied design concept is the molten Katana, which “represents the fusion between the liquid metal organic shapes and the traditional Japanese sword’s sharp angles”. It is, above all, a versatile car: it can have a gasoline engine, can be plug-in hybrid, “fuel cell” or 100% electric. It also has four dimensions navigation, which “anticipates the driver’s and the passengers’ needs taking it account the route, traffic and the road’s conditions”.
The rims have 22 inches, the roof is low, but the crossover is way above the ground: this allows it to have “high performances and a practical use”. LF-1 is a little over five meters long and is almost two meters tall.
With this new model, Lexus wants to stand out at the North American International Auto Show.



Photos: Cortesia de Lexus


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