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Los Caminantes

Art + Culture | 30 Nov 2017



The perfect mix between photography and illustration. That’s what Felipe Bedoya gives us with ‘Los Caminantes’ project, where he depicts roaming vendors and their vague nature. With an aerial point of view, the images recognize that these people left behind an ephemeral path on the sand. “They are a collective that the Caribe’s renowned beaches” and are already part of the surrounding landscape.
Felipe Bedoya, from Bogotá, Colombia, shows, in this series, the vendors from Cartagena das Índias and calls them “Los Caminantes” (The Walkers), those who are “51% of the Colombian populations that works in informal trade”. They are people that begin their day “without knowing where or how it will end” and, in this project, Bedoya tells us a “re-lived experience”.




Images: Felipe Bedoya

Filipe Bedoya



Art + Culture


Art + Culture

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