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Luis Dourado

Magazine Art + Culture | 22 May 2018



His roots are Portuguese and he studied Industrial Design. Lives and works in Berlin and develops his activity mostly in graphic design and illustration. Luis Dourado´s artistic work are intricate puzzles that are eye-catching and provoke a primary curiosity and fascination. We are taken into the artwork with expertise, and once inside we discover our own way of understanding it. “Each person feels and lives reality in a unique way. What I feel, or felt, while creating something is not, and will never be, what someone else will feel when they see it”, says Luis Dourado, the artist behind such series as The Garden or Moons, and whose collaborations´ portfolio consists of names such as Wired, The New York Magazine or L`Officiel. These are inspirational experiences, which bring with them the opportunity to work with those who understand what they do, which “is always unique, particularly while creating something unconventional”.
He believes he has been led to accept that “everything is in fact subjective” and, therefore, his work – which “is only valued” when someone perceives it – aims to “integrate or make you feel or think”. 

Featured in ROOF 14



Text: Inês Mendes
Ilustrations: Luis Dourado

Luis Dourado

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