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Luís Onofre

Magazine Style Interviews | 04 Jan 2018



Luís Onofre is passionate about design, passionate for what is beautiful, and projects his shoes as precious objects. Nothing is eternal but, like a diamond, the Portuguese footwear designer, who is acknowledged worldwide, wishes to extend his aesthetics in time, creating extraordinary accessories that make the lives of women, and men, even more distinctive. 2017 was a significant year. Together with the opening of the latest flagship store in Porto, Luís Onofre became APICCAPS’ president, the association which represents the entire footwear industry in Portugal, an area that stands at the lead of the new industrial revolution.


18 years ago you launched the first collection in your own name. Do you still remember that time?

I remember perfectly. Those were other times, perhaps difficult, but at the same time people were very open to new brands, there was a great desire for signature things. And that determined my luck a bit. I always tried to create a product in my image. At the time I already worked and produced for other brands, but my dream was to have my own signature. I was younger, I had more energy (laughs), which does not mean that I don’t have it nowadays. 18 years later I make sure I have the right people who help me take this forward.


What characteristics does a brand need to get to a prominent place?

Above all, and unfortunately, marketing is essential in a brand. Today an efficient marketing turns out to be crucial for a brand to succeed. Then, there are common factors like quality and comfort. I try to make shoes comfortable, even with high heels. Another thing I believe is important is a perpetuation, an association between collections. A DNA that people can identify.

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Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Susana Lemos

Luís Onofre

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