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Magazine Design | 28 Jun 2018



The beginning. Everything has one, a single moment which lets the world know that something new has just begun. Macrocosmos is the collection that states the beginning of Alessandro Zambelli Edizioni, the renowned Italian designer’s solo brand.
With vases and receptacles, Macrocosmos is a true and genuine homage to the world of science fiction. These are creatures from a fantastic universe where, among their perfect geometry, is possible to distinguish shapes from animals and plants, but also those from humans. They are alchemic.


Was Macrocosmos your first solo collection? How does it fit among your other designs?

Yes, Macrocosmos is my first solo collection and the beginning of my personal brand Alessandro Zambelli Edizioni. It’s a new step for me, free and experimental: for this project I chose a 3D printer that works with FDM because I’d like to get more in confidence with this specific technology. I bought a 3D printer and then I started to make my first objects, but until that day I didn’t have any idea on how to do it!

Featured in ROOF 15



Text: Inês Mendes
Photos: Cortesia de Alessandro Zambelli

Alessandro Zambelli

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