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Magazine Design Interviews | 21 Jul 2017


There are a lot of different worlds in our own world, and then there is Magis’ world. We talked with Alberto Perazza, at Miolo Design, in Porto, the second generation of the family in front of the interiors’ design brand. The window to a landscape of collaborations with names like Jasper Morrison or the Bouroullec Brothers, to the ingrained passion of a man, and of a brand, that gives the world a little bit more of beauty, is opened. It leaves us in awe.

One thing we know for sure is the relationship Magis established with the costumer, the partnerships. Was this an aim since the beginning of the brand?

Yes. My chase is very much about, as you say, the relationship and partnership with our clients, with our dealers, with our designers, with production partners. And this has always been the focus of Magis for one simple reason: since the beginning, we did not operate our own production facilities. All the production of Magis is made through a network of different production partners. We had to rely on their support. What we are particularly good at is building up a team of people who work on a specific idea we have in mind. All the ideas for new products are entirely generated at Magis. And then we commission the idea to the designers. The result, I mean our product, is more the result of a collective effort, a teamwork. Not only the result of a designer. The people we work with are very important. The partnership is even more important today: it is crucial to the development and success of our product.

As you said, you start with a new idea, you pass the briefing to the designer. You also mention which kind of technology you want to use?

Yes. That is the way we work. We do not influence the designers, we only tailor a briefing, which can be specific, and it stands for a given technology. A given technology which already exists but maybe one that we never explored before. That was the case of the Officina collection, with the Bouroullec Brothers. We have never used wrought iron in the making of a product.


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Text: Cátia Fernandes e Inês Mendes

Photography: Magis


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