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Magazine Flavour | 12 Apr 2018



This is a story dated to the nineteenth century. We make a momentary trip to the past, without the need of a Time machine, and appreciate the unique space that is the Merakia: Greek Mountain Thief Spithouse + Steak and we understand that we are in a place that celebrates flavour and culture.
The term Greek Mountain Thief refers to men who took part of the revolution during the Greek War of Independence of 1821 and, while fighting the Ottomans in the mountains, would feed themselves by steeling sheep and other livestock and cooking them on a spit-roast. It was about this traditional cuisine that the Merakia – a word used to describe doing something with "soul, creativity and love" – ​​was established, a rustic style where meat is grilled or roasted on a spit.

Featured in ROOF 13



Photos: Peter Rupecht


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