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Mircea Anghel

Magazine Design | 28 Dec 2017




Mircea Anghel is 31 years old. He says he is obstinate, a difficult person to work with, but a few minutes after the beginning of our conversation we recognize that the founder of Cabana Studio has the charm of a restless soul, stubborn – “I have a very strong opinion about some things and I don’t like to give up something that we had thought of only because it seems practically impossible to actually happen”. In this story nothing is impossible.
We only have to go back a few months before 2015. Mircea at the time left the financial sector to focus himself exclusively on woodcraft. He arrived in Portugal, with his parents, diplomats, in 2001, from Bucharest, and since then the country grew within him and he grew in the country with an enormous craving to learn. He leaped among interests. But the latter, the handicraft woodwork, is the longest and he cannot imagine himself doing anything else. With no other agenda, Mircea submits to this art as one who finds out the first lines of his life´s most striking book. If the discovery is constantly increasing, so is the impatience to want to know more. “Stop, to leave and come back. It is important”, he explains. In Cabana Studio’s workshop in Lisbon, Mircea, Miguel, António and, more recently, Serigne, mold wood parts with a huge emotional response. The pieces he works with have been exposed to storms, submerged in water for years, “has a narrative, a history” and with this wood they make a positive transformation.

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Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Isadora Faustino

Cabana Studio

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