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Mountain Cottage

Magazine Architecture Interiors | 06 Dec 2018



To be in Stylchyn peninsula, in Poland, means being in a historical place, where the neighbourhood almost ceased to exist. Almost it the key word because a sense of resistance is embedded in every corner. There, where buildings where rescued from flooding, wooden villas and farms – some dating back to the second half of the XIX century –, we find the Mountain Cottage, designed by the Polish studio HOLA Design, where the lake’s landscape, and the castles, seems to be part of a made up scenario.
The region’s typical architecture is in every exterior and interior feature and in every inch of wood, the most used material in this house in the mountains. It is the wood which covers walls and ceilings, makes the stairs and some furniture (the coffee table, for example, is a piece of a tree trunk), that lends such a cozy and comfortable atmosphere to the place. The entrance door, also in wood, reveals ornamental details related with the region’s traditions. Those details can also be found inside the house: engraved in the furniture (a lot of it was designed by the architects), the stairs and in the kitchen wall, with a flower pattern, cut in steel, that means Life in the local folklore.

Featured in ROOF 17



Text: Inês Mendes

Photography: Yassen Hristov

HOLA Design

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