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Interiors | 07 Nov 2018



At the forefront of gastronomy and creativity since its opening, noma has been recognized four times as best in the world by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and, after over three years of planning, noma’s new home reopened with the signature of the architecture office BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group. Situated between two lakes and within the independent community of Christiania in Copenhagen, the new restaurant has been imagined as an intimate indoor garden where guests are welcomed to experience a new menu and philosophy that will redefine noma in the coming years. When the owners thought about changing noma’s address, and once they had found the new place, they knew immediately that they had to come up with an architectural solution which made sense. BIG was the ideal answer - "to say that we`re thrilled with the end result would be an understatement," said Peter Kreiner, noma’s Chief Executive Officer. The architects designed a space organized in eleven separate areas, each tailored to their specific needs, clustered around the restaurant’s heart: the kitchen. "The new noma dissolves the traditional idea of a restaurant and its constituent parts, and reassembles them in a way that puts the chefs at the heart of it all. Every part of the restaurant experience - the arrival, the lounge, the barbeque, the wine selection and the private company - are all clustered around the chefs. From their central position, chefs have a perfect overview to every corner of the restaurant, allowing every single guest to follow what would traditionally happens behind the scenes. Each ‘building within the building’ is connected by covered glass paths that allow chefs and guests to follow the changes in weather, daylight and seasons, making the natural environment an integral part of the culinary experience", explained Bjarke Ingels.



Photos: Rasmus Hjortshoj


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