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Nuno Baltazar

Magazine Interiors Style | 03 Sep 2018



The door opens before us and we feel ourselves in an antechamber of a special place. We are in Nuno Baltazar’s new store, in Porto, and the mirrors’ geometry, which solved the presence of the building’s stairwell, create a dynamic way that leads inward the store. “This is the way”, that’s what we feel as if we heard an invisible language translated by the space’s décor. Nuno Baltazar absolutely gave up is old address, in Avenida da Boavista. A house from the XIX century which stopped to evolve: “when we work in creative industries the environment, the space, the change itself, are part of it”, says Nuno Baltazar. Little by little, he no more identified himself with the old place and, even though always having paid it the due homage, began to feel that the “box” didn’t fit its content anymore. “Here people come in and are also overwhelmed by the space itself, but it’s not the same, it’s not the ceiling, it’s the rawness as opposing the sophistication of the pieces hanging up in here”, he states. This is the store Nuno dreamt up. To Conceição Mestre and Maria Amarante, of Cirurgias Urbanas office, responsible for the project, Nuno asked for, before anything else, a very masculine spirit. The fashion designer has been focusing in his male clothes collection and perceives that “the space’s rawness works well with feminine sophistication, so a masculine space also works well with lady clothing. The opposite does not”.

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Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Isadora Faustino

Nuno Baltazar

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