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Pablo Pita

Magazine Architecture | 06 Apr 2018



In a short conversation, we understand why the architecture office Pablo Pita is one of the most promising in the Portuguese scenery. Pablo Rebelo and Pedro Pita tell us how they have taken an easy, productive, approach to their profession with an integral identity and how the last two years have been the best for their practice. “We are in a growing period, rested, very peaceful, since projects involve construction time and our final product is not instantaneous”, says Pablo Rebelo. 2017 was a singular and positive year for this studio. They accomplished a second place in Terminal de Campanhã competition, in Porto, and in the middle of the year, won the contest for the city´s mechanized accesses, together with studio depA. They follow their initial philosophy, since they started the office in 2010, and their working basis ended up responding to small-scale projects, household undertakings, closely related to Porto. In the workspace, they coexist with the models of their work and together, with two other co-workers, they get involved in various programs. “We are not interested in expanding the office to the triple, four times the people as we feel we may lose part of the projects´ control and we are committed in being personally involved in what we do, from the early stage of creation to its conclusion”, declares Pedro Pita.

Featured in ROOF 13


Palácio de Cristal

Casa Boavista © José Campos

               Casa Boavista © José Campos

               Casa Quinze

Casa Ilhas Selvagens


Text: Cátia Fernandes
Portrait: Isadora Faustino

Pablo Pita

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