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Rosarinho Cruz

Magazine Design | 15 Nov 2018



Strong women inspire us, as well as persevering men. What really motivates us is to understand the creative dash, the origin of things, of projects. In our job, a good story is everything, just like the in between the lines, the nuances. The doubts, the setbacks and the progress. This narrative’s leading figure inspired us just as her house’s door opened before us. Barefoot, without fireworks, Rosarinho Cruz gave us permission to enter her intimacy. We could have been welcomed in any other workspace, a more commercial one, but this is where the jewelry designer feels best.
She took us almost by hand and placed us at her working desk, which is also the dining table. Behind her, a picture drawn by her father, the artist António Cruz, where he portrayed himself, his wife and children. At the frame’s feet, Saint António’s figures which Rosarinho collects, at her right the light that comes in through the large window and… the dining table. Everything shapes a scenario that comforts her: “I am made of this. I am here, I am drawing, but I am looking over there and I am always seeing stories everywhere”, she confesses. Rosarinho Cruz’s life is made of many scenes but in none of them does she lets the curtain close. “How am I? I am a film” and we believe her. We believe because we understand the honesty in her words while saying, at 57 years-old, that she wants to change something in her life. “I am at a phase in life in which, creatively speaking, I am trying to change something. I haven’t figured out what yet. I feel I am changing. I feel it. Sometimes I can’t explain myself because I haven’t cleared it just yet. I don’t have my day all organized when I wake up. I did for years and even then I would break the rules. Every day I wake up and think: how nice, I woke up, it was one more day that I lived. But it was one less, do you understand? I often think this nowadays, but it must be normal”, Rosarinho says sure of a path she wants to question. Stubborn, just like her mother, declares, Rosarinho wants to make sure that her work lives after her existence. Her daughter Marta works in the project for a few years now. The youngest son, studying Product Design at ESAD, also has a particular interest in jewelry.

Featured in ROOF 17



Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photography: Isadora Faustino

Rosarinho Cruz

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