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Magazine Interiors | 03 Apr 2018



It was 1985 and in Portugal a good deal still remained to be discovered involving architecture and interior design. Carmo Aranha and Rosário Tello were two inseparable friends willing to do things in a different way, avoiding traditional patterns. From around the world came amazing innovations, different designs, other solutions. The many trips and the strong determination prepared Carmo and Rosarinho to start creating objects for interior decoration that quickly gave them the knowledge and appreciation they required to progress. It was mostly working for friends where the “first steps to make things different” were taken, and shortly after they began to respond to requests both in corporate and commercial fields. And so SAARANHA&VASCONCELOS took shape, in Lisbon.


In this profession, what pleases you most? And what is more challenging?

To create! It`s what we like the most. However creating is only part of a process that involves several stages, which go from a deep knowledge of the clients who contact us, their expectations, the living involvement they want to give to the atmospheres we will create, their routines, to their over-all satisfaction with the final outcome of our work. It would be impossible for us to create the perfect setting for each client without knowing them well. We relentlessly believe that we cannot leave our customers’ homes until they are 100% satisfied. That too is one of the greatest challenges. But also the one that makes us very proud of the special meaning of having the SA&V brand in each of our projects and see it acknowledged.


What are the major differences in designing a project for a home’s interior and creating the decoration of a commercial space, such as a store or restaurant?

While creating a project meant for a private house, we need to bear in mind the client’s style, what they expect, the living involvement they want to give to the atmospheres, their habits. We create places to our customer’s image and in a very personalized perspective. At this point, the sky is the limit and the customers’ desires are the driving force of our ideas. Regarding public spaces, other factors must also be considered, such as the target for which it is intended or the actual nature of the business. Whether it is a fun business, such as a store or a restaurant for a younger, irreverent target, we can be risky and have additional ‘out of the box’ ideas. But if, on the other hand, it is a more institutional and formal atmosphere, our creativity will have a more sober approach. Nevertheless, evidently, there has to be balance in everything, even in exaggeration. Each case is unique.

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Text: Isadora Faustino


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