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Sala Beckett

Magazine Interiors | 08 Sep 2017



We are in Barcelona, ??in the historic district of Pobleneu, in a place where the old and the modern are in complete harmony. Opened in November 2016, the new Sala Beckett now lives in a building full of memories. Built in the 1920s, this was the old space of Pau i Justicia cooperative (Peace and Justice in Catalan), a place of survival, solidarity and culture for many of the workers in that neighborhood. In an open dialogue with the past and the history of the building, the project, designed by Flores & Prats, restored the cooperative´s former headquarters and adjusted it to its new functions. With the main focus on the role that Sala Beckett has played for several years in the city of Barcelona, ??bringing culture to Catalans’ everyday life through theater and experimentation, the architects wanted to create a space that was in permanent dialogue with its visitors. The ruins are part of the new Sala Beckett, devoid of artifice, devoid of masks, they are there because they have to be. They are an active participant in the project.

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Texto: Isadora Faustino
Fotos: Adrià Goula


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Magazine Interiors


Magazine Interiors