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School of Breeze

Art + Culture | 03 Oct 2018



Patrick Shearn is the president of the artistic collective Poetic Kinetics and the artist behind the new installation that can be visited at Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet. There, Shearn created the most extensive Skynet in Europe – and his first artwork in Portugal – with 171 meters in length and 50 thousand holographic ribbons. The artist behind projects such as Liquid Shard and Nimbus let us know a bit about what inspired him the most to create this new artwork – School of Breeze – and what it means to him to be part of Poetic Kinetics.


1 - What does it mean to you, to have such a large artwork exhibited in Portugal?

PS - Portugal has always fascinated me. As a site specific artist I always do my best to investigate the local culture and let it inspire my creativity.


2 - Could you please elaborate on the connection between Lisbon and the sea that inspired you to do School of Breeze?

PS - The intimate relationship to the sea and weather Portugal has is historical and obvious. I have always been inspired by nature and natural forces. The murmuration of birds and the schooling of fish, all moving simultaneously, reveal machinations at work all around us that fill me with a sense of breathless wonder that I want to achieve with my Skynets. Breezes are revealed in the movement of streamers across the surfaces, which in turn are moved symphonically by the larger wind currents we are barely aware of.


3 - How is it to be part of Poetic Kinetics?


PS - It is truly inspirational and magical to work with so many talented, passionate people. I feel very, very lucky to be able to do what I do and I could not do it without the support of everyone at the studio.



Photos: Courtesy of Poetic Kinetics

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