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Magazine Design | 17 May 2018



“There`s nothing wrong with sitting down. What is wrong is sitting eight hours in a place staring at a computer, in a process that is not human”. Marc T. Nicolaisen is the Director of Costumer Experience at the Steelcase Learning + Innovation Center in Munich and his words represent a small part of the issues that concern the company that is the world leader in design and production of furniture for offices, hospitals and classrooms. Steelcase, founded in 1912, is truly much more than that. In our visit to the Learning + Innovation Center, we realize how the products and technology they develop are, in fact, centered in people, thoughtful, detailed and innovative research into how people relate to their workplaces, with each other, and the impact of organizations on their lives. To say that this place characterizes all that is best done in work zones is surely not enough. Here we can listen to why the office place is so important and how it can help each worker to achieve his goals. How physicality is coming back.





Learning, experimenting and creating. These are, according to Steelcase, the essential elements for solving the complex problems of these days. However, most companies and organizations face numerous difficulties in achieving this  mind-set. Built to be an actual office made up of 254 in-house workers, Steelcase`s Learning + Innovation Center is also a place to show clients and visitors how the German company uses its space to learn, innovate and grow. Here they talk about the experience of different ways of working, how technology changed the way people carry out their jobs, and how the space where they work has not in fact, changed.

Featured in ROOF 14





Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Isadora Faustino


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