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Tinker Imagineers

Magazine Design | 05 Dec 2017



They see themselves as experience architects. As designers. As creative consultants. As producers. They are Tinker Imagineers, from the Netherlands, and they shape dreams. Stan Boshouwers, founder and partner, and Paul van Houten, 3D designer, speak with passion common to those who enjoy what they do and who know that there is a lot more than can be done and invented. Tinker Imagineers create experiences around the idea of a “seventh sense”, which is “the sense of wonder”. The imagination is always there and the main goal is for the visitor to get into the dream, the narrative space ‘tinkers’ designed and shaped. Now, Tinker Imagineers are working in some new projects: for example, for Heineken beer, for a Dutch telecom company and in some new hospitals to create healing environments – “people get better soon when the surroundings are pretty”. After all, “there are no boring stories”.

You are a design and experience agency. What is it like to create experiences for people?

We design narrative spaces for a broad spectrum of clients. Spaces where people move themselves in and we craft the visitor’s experience. In that sense, it is like a dream because you are in a total coherent narrative space, where you experience some kind of story. And you can also say that we officialise dreams like the TIRPITZ museum in Denmark which recently opened. In this museum we offered visitors a scenic journey through time and space of the West Jutland region instead of a visit to an exhibition gallery: You could say we have big dreams and you go in and you have those dreams that we first dreamt for the visitor. We always have to dive deep into the new content because we are as new to it as the visitors are. That is always very nice. We learn a lot, it is never the same.


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Anatomical Theater

City of the Netherlands


Juliana Children’s Hospital

TU Delft Science Centre


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Tinker Imagineers

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