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Magazine Interiors | 27 Nov 2017



San Cassiano, Italy. It smells of fresh, clean air, and the entire scenery is overwhelming. Magical. Natural surroundings. This is where the “Explorer´s Home" is discovered.
Entirely renovated, the Hotel Tofana integrates the mountain, both in architecture and interior design, in charge was noa*´s office. The structure is profound but straightforward. Such as the bond the hotel has with an athletic spirit.
Founded in 1933, Tofana is, since 2011, run by the third generation of the family. Günther and Verena Frena, with dynamic personalities and a sports lovers – are Yoga and Pilates instructors, mountain bikers, ski and snowboard instructors, as well as mountaineers – they wish to make guests feel at home, and that the hotel is a real house for explorers, adventurers. As the mountain was its main inspiration, the hotel`s exterior shape became an abstract of its silhouette. Through terraces and balconies, the retreat is connected to nature, the interior and exterior. The large windows, along with the terraced structure ­– merged together by stairs – allow the inside of hotel to be generously lit by natural light.
The interiors also incorporate and reflect the essence of the mountain. On the ground floor there are several lounges and restaurants, as well as pieces of furniture and sofas in shades of blue, green and brown.

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Text: Inês Mendes
Photos: Alex Filz


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