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Tom Sellers

Magazine Flavour | 26 Jul 2018



At 26, Tom Sellers opened his restaurant, Story, where, as he says, his “heart truly lies”. The place was (and is) Bermondsey, London. 2013 was the year. Within five months, it was awarded a Michelin star.
He fell in love with cooking in a pub’s kitchen and he learned with Tom Aikens, in Chelsea, later with Thomas Keller, in New York. He was also in Copenhagen, in René Redzepi’s kitchen. Every single experience shaped his way of cooking. Still, British cuisine is rooted deeply inside his flavours. Ultimately, Tom Sellers is “just the guy who cooks the food”, but speaks of his art with a passion that can be felt through the next few lines.


Cooking is an adventure that started in your teenage years. What made you fall in love with the art?

The intensity of it, and the romance that goes into cooking. Not only is the result something beautiful, you can manipulate people’s expectations through food by putting flavours together they might not expect, or by invoking memories and ideas. That’s very special to me.


You have worked with names such as Tom Aikens, Thomas Keller and René Redzepi. How important were these experiences?

The kitchens in which I worked have been monumental in shaping how I cook and my understanding of the food I work with. I’m very lucky to have had the experiences I have had at the time I did. I learned different things from each of these chefs– be it concentration, dedication, care, skill, management and ultimately, how to create a beautiful, balanced dish that your guests will enjoy. Which, after all, is the goal.

Featured in ROOF 15



Text: Inês Mendes
Photography: Tom Sellers


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