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House Öjersjö

Architecture | 23 Mar 2018

The architects from atelier Bornstein Lyckefors designed a house, in Sweden, with a privileged view to lake Stora Kåsjön

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Garagem Águeda

Magazine Architecture | 20 Mar 2018

Águeda’s garage project is a work that expresses love. The client’s passion for engines was the motto for building a garage that is far more than a garage.

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Chapel of Silence

Architecture | 19 Mar 2018

Situated on the top of a valley, in a small town in the province of Brescia, Italy, the Chapel of Silence is a space of adoration and serenity that receives in it different religious beliefs

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The Lodge

Architecture | 15 Mar 2018

Filippo Burelli and Giacomo Borta are the engineers behind the UPPERCUT office and the minds that designed The Lodge building’s complex

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Résidence Villeneuve

Magazine Interiors | 13 Mar 2018

This is a story about second lives. In the bustling neighbourhood of Plateau Mont-Royal, in Montreal, the Canadian Atelier Barda has given new life to an old commercial space.

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House Santa Maria

Architecture | 12 Mar 2018

A family home in Sanfins, Santa Maria da Feira, smoothly mixes the countryside style with the contemporary

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Manuel Aires Mateus

Magazine Architecture Videos | 09 Mar 2018

An essential figure of Portuguese architecture, Aires Mateus owns, with his brother Francisco, a studio that looks at each program with an implicit enthusiasm.

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Dinara Kasko

Magazine Flavour | 09 Mar 2018

From architecture to cake design, chef Dinara Kasko moves between them with a unique combination of lightness and grace, creating an art of her own that uses a part of both areas.

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Pritzker Architecture Prize 2018

Architecture | 08 Mar 2018

Balkrishna Doshi is the architect laureated with the Pritzker Architecture Prize of 2018. For the first time, the architecture’s most important prize was delivered to an Indian architect

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Souto de Moura`s Guide

Architecture | 02 Mar 2018

A year ago was Álvaro Siza Vieira, now it`s Eduardo Souto de Moura`s turn. The ode to the great values of the Portuguese architecture continues in Millennium Gallery

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Casa Fanu

Magazine Architecture | 01 Mar 2018

We are in Sarzedela, near the village of Ansião, district of Leiria. Close to the centre of Portugal. The concrete structure develops in the middle of the nature, nonetheless it doesn´t collide. Among the surrounding vegetation. They fit together.

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Magazine Interiors | 27 Feb 2018

Enchanted by Tom Jobim’s melody, the architect Vitor Almeida created Eu.Sei.Que.Vou.Te.Amar (ESQVTA) studio.

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