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Bernardes Arquitetura

Magazine Architecture | 12 Nov 2018

Modern, sincere. An architecture that exists so it can be lived and not just contemplated. These are the principles of the Brazilian studio Bernardes Arquitetura.

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Architecture | 29 Aug 2018

From the 3rdof September to the 8th, Porto hosts the Architecture and Art International Congress that will receive architects and artists from different countries

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Vieira de Almeida & Associados

Magazine Architecture | 23 Jul 2018

In a historic building located in a corner, by the riverside area of the city of Lisbon, were built the new offices of Vieira de Almeida & Associados – VdA.

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Magazine Interiors | 29 Mar 2018

It is a country house but could also be described as the ultimate retreat. In São Paulo, somewhere in the same São Paulo that is also an intense financial centre, there is such a place that mixes the new and the old with the simplicity of those who line u

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Opening House

Architecture | 26 Oct 2017

It is a family house, in Atenas, Greece, built in the vertical axis. Designed by the Kipseli Architects studio, each floor has specific purpose e the colours are an essential element

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Alta Chalet

Architecture | 23 Aug 2017

It was thought out as a retreat for a family of five, surrounded by nature. Alta Chalet, by atelier Kastelic Buffey, is located on the Blue Mountains, Canada, between a protected ravine and the Niagara Escarpment

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SPG Headquarters

Architecture | 08 Aug 2017

The new Société Privée de Gérance’s headquarters (SPG), in Geneva, Switzerland, were designed by Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti and is highly efficient on what concerns energy

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Sonae Arauco

Architecture Archi Summit | 14 Jul 2017

The fusion between two renowned brands from the wood sector, Sonae Indústria and Arauco, created one brand: Sonae Arauco

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Moment Factory

Magazine Interiors | 04 Nov 2016

It was in the old industrial area of Mile-Ex in Montreal, that the multimedia company Moment Factory found an ideal building to house its new creative studios. The project was developed by MU Architecture.

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Art + Culture | 27 Oct 2016

Casa da Arquitetura organizes a series of conferences that brings together ten Portuguese architects working in some of the larger offices, schools and architecture magazines of the world.

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Sou Fujimoto

Magazine Architecture Interviews | 02 Sep 2016

Close relationship between what is natural and what is artificial, flowing connection between inside and out, bond between the environment and man, replacing the space conforming to the human being, are some of the principles behind the architecture of So

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Cella Bar

Magazine Architecture | 01 Mar 2016

There are plenty of good reasons to visit the Azores. Since 2015, there is another reason to add to the list: the bar-come-restaurant, Cella Bar.

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