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Architecture | 04 Jan 2019

Fundación Arquia gave life to a cultural program which focus is to interview globally renowned names of architecture

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Magazine Design | 28 Jun 2018

The beginning. Everything has one, a single moment which lets the world know that something new has just begun. Macrocosmos is the collection that states the beginning of Alessandro Zambelli Edizioni, the renowned Italian designer’s solo brand.

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Style | 14 Jun 2018

CASK is a portuguese premium brand signed by the fashion designer Rita Casqueiro and its new collection, named Dreams&Fears, has as main focus a concern with the environment

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Design | 21 Mar 2018

Internationally renowned, Alessi surprises once more with an inspired and inventive collection

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Blue Collection

Design | 29 Nov 2017

From Antonio Aricò to Alessi. Blue Collection was designed due to Laura Polinoro, from LPWK studio, invitation. Together they created three mugs, six Christmas balls and three figures to Alessi’s Christmas collection

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Katty Xiomara - PT Fashion

Style | 20 Oct 2017

Tomorrow, October 21, Katty Xiomara’s collection fashion show will take place at the Antigo Matadouro Municipal do Porto, for Portugal Fashion

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Bellavista Collection

Interiors | 11 Aug 2017

The Bellavista Collection, from brothers Attilio and Fabrizio Zanni, has the finnest materials and all its products are handmade

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Private Sessions Collection

Design | 25 Jan 2017

Vick Vanlian, a renowned interior designer from the Middle East with strong international recognition, launched a new line of furniture heavily influenced by pop culture, including sculptural and extremely functional pieces

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Style | 02 Sep 2016

The Classic Kolor Collection, the latest collection of the Portuguese brand Fine&Candy features nine stylish notebooks that offer glamour to any desk.

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Fairmont Pacific Rim

Interiors | 19 Aug 2016

The Owner`s Suite Collection, a bold reinterpretation of luxury, arrived at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel, in Canada. Designed for the elite by the architect James K Cheng, the new collection of 10 suites are more than a place to stay.

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360º Apartment

Interiors | 02 Aug 2016

Ceramiche Refin tiles play centre stage in the 360º Apartment project, by Diego Revollo. The entire design was set against a bold backdrop of a fully clad kitchen zone where the tiles are used 360°, injecting personality into the space.

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Baobab Collection

Design | 22 Jul 2016

It was in 2002, in Tanzania, that Baobab Collection first saw the daylight. Now, returns to their African roots, specifically to the island of Madagascar, to present the Project M.

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