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Inês Telles Jewelry

Magazine Interiors | 02 Jan 2019

“Be happy at the place we work”. This has been one of the most acclaimed statements of recent times. There are numerous aspects that make a place an ideal workspace.

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Mountain Cottage

Magazine Architecture Interiors | 06 Dec 2018

To be in Stylchyn peninsula, in Poland, means being in a historical place, where the neighbourhood almost ceased to exist. Almost it the key word because a sense of resistance is embedded in every corner.

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One Oak 3&4 B2

Interiors | 26 Oct 2018

In close dialogue with the client, which had in mind an industrial design, Askdeco gave life to such a space, with a comfortable feeling

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Vans UltraRange

Style | 09 Mar 2018

Vans already launched the new range of the UltraRange collection. It stands out for its versatile design, comfort and traction achieved through the “damping technology” and the “waffle sole” embedded in the sneakers

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BLIP - Comfort Zone

Magazine Interiors | 01 Mar 2016

Efficiency and fun go hand in hand at Blip. Or better put, hand in hand, by scooter, barefoot, but without ever losing the notion of the ground and with enough room to fly.

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