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Gran Cruz House

Magazine Style | 23 Dec 2018

The Douro river at sunset and dusk, the rabelos (typical Douro boats) and the continuous movement of one of Porto’s most characteristic areas could easily distance us from where we stand.

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Claus Porto

Interiors Videos | 28 Jul 2017

Opened in June 2017, the new Claus Porto’s store, in Rua das Flores, Porto, celebrates the 130th anniversary of the brand

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Design | 21 Feb 2017

Design, craft, furniture. DAM is a Portuguese brand that combines these three areas and, above all, wishes that its objects tell a story

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In the Imaginary of Adi Goodrich

Magazine Art + Culture | 14 Nov 2016

Drawing, painting, architecture, engraving, history of art and animation. These were the areas through which Adi Goodrich travelled during her training, but there is a whole world, beyond creative areas, where the artist has impressively established herse

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Talk about the History of Construction

Architecture | 19 Sep 2016

The 2nd CIHCLB was organized by the Center for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism, University of Porto, with the support of the Portuguese Society for Studies on Construction History, and brought together important names of the History of Construction.

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Architecture | 15 Sep 2016

After the 1st International Congress on Luso-Brazilian Construction History, that took place in 2013 at Espírito Santo Federal University, in Vitória, Brazil, the University of Oporto Architecture Faculty receive the 2nd CIHCLB.

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Johnie`s Coffee Shop

Art + Culture | 11 May 2016

In Los Angeles sits a restaurant where we all already had dinner at least once. Actually, maybe this is not entirely true. But we are sure that you know Johnie`s Coffee Shop.

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