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Rosarinho Cruz

Magazine Design | 15 Nov 2018

Strong women inspire us, as well as persevering men. What really motivates us is to understand the creative dash, the origin of things, of projects.

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Art + Culture | 29 Sep 2017

In collaboration with the esad-idea, ROOF Magazine presented yesterday the first conference in the ROOF TOP TALKS program.

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Style | 08 Jun 2017

At first sight, Bahaus and the Atlantic have nothing in common. However, both are names from Topázio’s new jewellery series.

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Inês Telles

Magazine Style | 04 Jul 2016

All forms of art need a source of inspiration and jewellery is no exception to the rule. In a workshop, in an historic neighbourhood of Lisbon, in which the light and the universe of the city encourage creativity, Portuguese designer Inês Telles works on

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