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Magazine Design | 18 Jan 2019

Lorenzo De Rosa and Ernesto Iadevaia, the designers who give form and life to the Italian studio Sovrappensiero, met at the University of Naples, where they started to “share ideas”, so we are told.

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Hillside Sanctuary

Architecture | 15 Jan 2019

In San Juan Islands, in Washington, there is a true personal retreat was built with Holdemaker Pfeiffer studio’s signature

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Design | 08 Jan 2019

Vibia thus follow the latest trends of using wood on lighting, a preferred material due to its durability, sustainability and the balance

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Valdo Gatti

Flavour | 30 Jul 2018

A sustainable pizzeria with biologic products right in the heart of Lisbon

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WHITE Exclusive Suites & Villas

Magazine Style | 03 Jul 2018

hen we arrive at WHITE Exclusive Suites & Villas, the "perfect hideaway" designed by João and Catarina Reis on the island of São Miguel, it becomes clear that time has a sense of tranquility.

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House Charlebois Lake

Architecture | 22 Jun 2018

What the clients requested was a contemporary house, integrated in the nature and luminous, in Charlebois Lake, Canada

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Santiago Hotel Cooking & Nature

Magazine Style | 16 Apr 2018

We arrived at Santiago Hotel Cooking & Nature precisely at lunch time and confirmed for ourselves that the name and the slogan don´t mislead. At Santiago gastronomy is among the main attractions.

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Lacoste x Save Our Species

Style | 02 Mar 2018

Instead of the iconic crocodile, Lacoste has created a limited edition of polo shirts with 10 endangered animals

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Casa Fanu

Magazine Architecture | 01 Mar 2018

We are in Sarzedela, near the village of Ansião, district of Leiria. Close to the centre of Portugal. The concrete structure develops in the middle of the nature, nonetheless it doesn´t collide. Among the surrounding vegetation. They fit together.

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Ceramic Color

Design | 28 Feb 2018

With Ceramic Collor, Rosa Rubio, based in Barcelona, Spain, created a collection of contemporary handmade pieces, with primary colours in which each tone “manages to grab the viewers eye”

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Window On The Lake

Architecture | 19 Feb 2018

A cottage built to be a window to the lake, more specifically to Lac Plaisant, in Canada

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All That Is

Art + Culture | 15 Feb 2018

“The coast is where the planet is laid bare, consumed by the shifting face of time”. Toby Trueman is a photographer and the creative mind behind the All That Is series

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