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Design | 08 Jan 2019

Vibia thus follow the latest trends of using wood on lighting, a preferred material due to its durability, sustainability and the balance

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Ana Segurado

Style | 18 Jan 2018

The new collection by Ana Segurado, with exclusive pre-sale at Scar-id until January 31, is inspired by James Ball’s photographic work – “Guide to computing”

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Healthy Dish, Healthy Body

Magazine Flavour | 08 Sep 2016

The human diet is traditionally composed of animal and plant based foods. In recent years a host of alternative diets have appeared, aiming to optimise health through eating.

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Organic Concrete

Magazine Tech | 01 Mar 2016

Developed by architects João Costa Ribeiro and João Ferrão from Extrastudio after submitting designs for a project in Ireland, in which the issue of the relationship between inhabitant movement areas and vegetation was brought to light, and thus the probl

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