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Restaurante Mora

Magazine Interiors | 17 Jan 2019

Guadalest, a picturesque village of Alicante, one of the most beautiful in Spain. Together with historic streets and being an important tourist destination, it claims a gastronomic richness...

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Tapisco Porto

Magazine Flavour | 04 Dec 2018

There are many things in life that are best when shared. The moments around the table, where food and experiences are common, is unquestionably one of them.

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La Casa del Desierto

Magazine Architecture | 27 Aug 2018

There is still a stretch of road ahead of us, but we can already see, far away, in the midst of an astounding landscape, the purpose of our visit. La Casa del Desierto.

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Michelin Guide Spain and Portugal 2018

Flavour | 24 Nov 2017

A new Michelin Star in Portugal, and the acknowledgment of two others. These were two of the main Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal’s news, in Tenerife, Canary Islands

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Sala Beckett

Magazine Interiors | 08 Sep 2017

We are in Barcelona, ​​in the historic district of Pobleneu, in a place where the old and the modern are in complete harmony. Opened in November 2016, the new Sala Beckett now lives in a building full of memories

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Doctor Manzana

Interiors | 07 Sep 2017

n Valencia, Spain, there is a new space designed by Masquespacio, more specifically Doctor Manzana’s second store, which is specialized in smartphones repairs, as well as gadgets

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Interiors | 08 May 2017

On the small town of Picaña, eight kilometres away of Valencia, one can found Albabel, a restaurant to which Masquespacio presented a new interiors design

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Hikari Yakitori Bar

Interiors | 23 Feb 2017

Inspired by Tokyo’s nightlife, Masquespacio presents its last design for Hikari Yakitori Bar - a Japanese restaurant with the spirit of neighborhoods like Kabukicho or Omoide Yokocho

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Magazine Architecture | 09 Jan 2017

Many times, from limitations arise great opportunities. It is not unusual for architecture offices to be confronted with constraints regarding space issues, legal boundaries and, many times, a restricted budget, which inevitably influence the options for

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Masquespacio Workspace

Magazine Interiors | 04 Jul 2016

There is an office in Valencia that exudes colour and creativity. The new workspace of design studio Masquespacio has been designed by the brand itself and involved the redesign of the entire identity.

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